Negative Vibes

Hello world hope all is well,

I have a question for you all, and the question is this why do negative people feel the need to spread their vibes/energies/emotions and or thoughts unto people who wish to simply be happy?

What is the cause of all this? I mean yes bad things may happen to all of us at some point in time, BUT that does not mean you have to dwell on it causing to spread among those around you who want to be content with their lives. I’ve tried to wrap my head around so many times on why people will just have a foul outlook on things when they could just see the proverbial glass half-full.

Of course I might be overreacting to things, but it seems like when somebody only focuses on all that is bad in the world it makes people want to sever all ties with those personalities that bring only drama and sadness along with a bleek outlook on life it makes it hard for them to be loved when they surround themselves with only the foul stench of hatred and self-pity.

What I’m trying to express in this blog is that while life may be short don’t take it for granted by seeing the bad in everything or be sad every time there’s bad news in the world because that only diminishes one’s flame and makes it more much more harder for much needed optimism in our world.

Thank you for your reading and time



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