Negative Vibes

Hello world hope all is well,

I have a question for you all, and the question is this why do negative people feel the need to spread their vibes/energies/emotions and or thoughts unto people who wish to simply be happy?

What is the cause of all this? I mean yes bad things may happen to all of us at some point in time, BUT that does not mean you have to dwell on it causing to spread among those around you who want to be content with their lives. I’ve tried to wrap my head around so many times on why people will just have a foul outlook on things when they could just see the proverbial glass half-full.

Of course I might be overreacting to things, but it seems like when somebody only focuses on all that is bad in the world it makes people want to sever all ties with those personalities that bring only drama and sadness along with a bleek outlook on life it makes it hard for them to be loved when they surround themselves with only the foul stench of hatred and self-pity.

What I’m trying to express in this blog is that while life may be short don’t take it for granted by seeing the bad in everything or be sad every time there’s bad news in the world because that only diminishes one’s flame and makes it more much more harder for much needed optimism in our world.

Thank you for your reading and time




(Before I start this post I would like to apologize for my lack of posting, due to having internet viruses and just lack of inspiration to write well I’d like to announce that I have returned)

So without further ado here’s the blog’s first rant (enjoy it or not frankly I could give a fuck less)

DISCLOSURE: The ideas represented in this blog are of mine alone, so if you feel uncomfortable with anything I say then it is your right as an American/member of the internet so you if you get offended, you should probably stop reading this and close your browser.

Don’t you just love some of these teenagers these days? I mean with the lack of respect for authority and anyone who is older than them and terrible taste(s) in music and who can forget their terrible tastes in fashion (Skinny jeans? Really?)or using idiotic slang terms like bae or Yolo or whatever the hell you can think of because I just don’t understand most of them at all.

The reason why I’m writing this specific post is because of the sense I dread I come across when I hear of stories of people specifically teenagers or young adults (which I will link below) ranging from beatings to cruel pranks on their peers to beatings it saddens and angers me that situations like this happen and either people say “blame the parents” or “blame the music” how about you blame the little bastards for coming out as terrible human beings I’m just saying. Personal responsibility is where it lies at ladies and gentlemen Simple. As. That.

Of course I could be wrong and it’s all in my head, but I’ll let some of these articles speak for themselves.

And what is the cause of this? Is it the glorification of ignorance by artists like Chief Keef, Justin Bieber, or some other pop act or is it a product of ignorance and lack of parental guidance? Is it the fact most kids don’t seem to care about what goes on except what goes on in their own world’s and live in the moment or is it simply that more and more there are just people born bad? This is a question for a philosopher to answer as I merely pose the questions for you to discuss amongst or give your own observations.

As I close this rant/random observation I want you the reader to think about if what I’m writing is wrong or if it’s wrong, chances are some will agree others will not and I will point out there are very few kids out there trying to do good in their lives and I commend them for doing so and bringing forth positive change as for the rest I share nothing but this video below.

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Random entry)

Hey everyone, as the sun sets here just thought I write something as I was listening to the Guns N Roses song of the same. I’ve been okay I mean what with the occasional bouts of realizing that I’m a complete and total recluse along with the fact as I’m writing this it’s dark in my room which is setting some weird ambiance to this entry.

Point of this post is that there is none I just wanted to write this because something was urging me to write, maybe I was just bored and didn’t know what else to come up with all I can say is I wish you all a great weekend to those loyal readers and possibly new ones as well, anyway I hope your weeks went well. Oh! before I forget I’ll be reviewing the Parks and Recreation season finale Monday and still working on the blog’s first music review (what would you the reader like me to me to review?), but enough with rambling gonna hit up Netflix after this (any shows or movies worth recommending?)

Peace Out


Soul To Squeeze (Thought Of The Day)

When, I was cleaning out my e-mail (a task I’ve been delaying just for months now) just a few minutes ago a sudden feel of melancholy came over me I’m not sure if it was that I was listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song of the name, that I’m using for today’s Thought. Anywho this is is me in writing and in thought along with random mumbling like this passage here as I try to describe how I feel without hiring a slew of psychiatrists to figure out if I’m cuckoo for coco puffs or need the happy jacket, but back to the melancholy not sure if it’s the coming of spring or I’m just a naturally pessimistic person inside the body of an optimist.


Another thing is I could be in fact already insane and walking around not even knowing that I am in fact insane and slowly the proverbial paint is chipping off the proverbial wood and I’m the only one noticing. Or maybe I’m wrong and this is all inside my head and completely exaggerating it all, but that’s the purpose of things to be off balance…..

so there I just squeezed some of my soul

PS-The blog’s first review will be up next week (not this upcoming week, but let me know what you want me to give praise to or rip to shreds

PPS-Normally I’m not the type of guy to advertise for anything unless it’s really important and this is important, so if you can just take a minute to look at this and decide whether or not you’d like to purchase it and help an independent writer, so please just take some time to look at it

Meh (Random Thought Of The Day)

I woke up today, devoid a sense of humor and just a sense of an unexplained melancholy as I clutched my baseball bat next to me while in bed thinking about all my bad dreams and nightmares while trying to analyze what had happened in my slumber. Sadly I did not come to any conclusion so all I can say is meh and hope I don’t go insane because of it (though I suspect I already am) hopefully I can get this opportunity at the Cornelius Library doing some volunteer work and perhaps my mind won’t be fixated on the bad dreams, but hey we don’t get everything we want……am I right?

anyway enough with the depressing drivel……

Here’s some music





Welcome to my Asylum……just kidding welcome to the blog

Hi internet friends and family,

In a magical place called my head I had the idea to start a blog just for the hell of it, but never got around to doing anything about it well GUESS WHAT…..on March 29th, 2014 AD I created this blog as a way to express myself without expressing myself (pun intended), so enjoy the manic jokes, the heavily cursed rants, weird ass short stories and a few surprises in between……


Peace Out

One Love

God Bless


……..And kiss your candy assImage